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These are the frequently asked question not specific to any application
You can access all the specific app FAQ from the Support area.
Question: Answer:
Do apps purchased on the App Store require a license? No.
An application purchased on the app store never requires a license insertion.
You have just to download it from the app store and run it.
It comes from the App Store already licensed.
Do applications downloaded from this site or on the internet require a license? Our applications, when downloaded from our site or from various links on the net, usually can run unlicensed for test purpose for some days.
To continue to use them and often to fully enable them you need to insert a license.
What to do if i want to buy from the App Store an application for OS X I downloaded from here for test purpose? The App Store doesn't allow to get the application because it detect you have the App (unlicensed) installed
Delete the unlicensed application (the one you downloaded form here).
Now the App Store will allow to install the application from the App Store (the App Store licensed version)
Inserting the license I get a 'Wrong Data' alert.
What to do?
Be sure to insert correctly your name (as in the license) and your license
Use copy and paste for your name and for your license.
With old license format (Name and license key):
Despite all my attempts (yes I used copy and paste for my name and the license) I still get the 'Wrong Data' alert.
Insert your data (both your name and license) inside the License Dialog, then BEFORE pressing OK, take a screenshot of the dialog with the data you inserted.
Send us a mail attaching the screenshot and let us know what you really are inserting...

You know how to take a screenshoot of a portion of your screen, right??
The pointer trasforms in a cursor.
Drag over the portion of the screen you want to capture and release.
The screenshot is on your desktop.
I received the 'new format' license. It has no name and key. How it works? The new format license is made by a single block of text.
The license letter you receive indicates the single block of text to copy and paste inside the sigle field of the license dialog.
The new license dialog it is a bit smarter of the old one.
It is even able to recognize the license even if you copy and paste the entire email you receive and extract it from the text.
My license has no name field. What to do? From July 2013 our software is gradually switching to a new type of license with a single block of text to insert in a single field.
With the new kind of license just copy all the license code and paste it inside the single license field in the license dialog of the app you want to enable after receiving the license code from us.
This new kind of license is more easy to insert and less subject to error of any kind:
  • Additional space doesn't cause any kind of error
  • It even works copying the entire email you received inside the license code field
  • The license engine is smart enough to recognize and extract the license even if it is embedded in other text
In any case do not modify the text of license code you received. Copy and paste it 'as is' on the license dialog.
I purchased a license via Esellerate but I can't see the license number in the receipt Esellerate sent me You will receive your license from us, not from Esellerate.
We, Tension Software, are the only in the world able to license our products.
I purchased from Kagi, I received the receipt but I can't see the license. You will receive your license from us, not from Kagi.
We, Tension Software, are the only in the world able to license our products.
Can I download iOS apps from here? No.
They can be obtained exclusively form the App Store and when you get them, you get them already licensed.
From here you get a link to download them from the App Store.
You can download directly from our server only OS X applications.
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