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Easy Markdown lets you create Web pages just writing plain text. Even if you know well html, using Easy markdown improves your speed in your work.

Using Easy Markdown is simple and effective.

A text written in Markdown is a plain text which looks correctly to humans as text and automatically translates in a correctly web pages coded in html.

Using the markdown rules the user can create nice formatted text on the left, and automatically have good looking web pages (with code) on the right.

Easy markdown is the perfect editor for markdown. The text written on the left of the page (in normal text) becomes automatically a web page on the right of the window as-you-type.

You immediately see the result and how it changes at any single keystroke (images included) . No coding required, and you can copy the html code (the body, the full page or the full page with used CSS embedded) in a click.

You can just port the copied code in a true html environment in a single copy and paste operation and you will have the same page online.

A lot of people and company already use Markdown because it is simply to master and offer the advantage to have both text and web in a single source. Easy Markdown was realized to make all this more easy then ever.

Easy Markdown allows to open end edit directly 66 different types of text file such as TEXT, TXT, HTML, CSS and so on..

The application offers many helping tool to better format the page.

You can create correctly formatted web page without remembering the markdown rules thanks to the help from the app

At any time your can copy in addition also the RTF text to use it in other apps

The snippets manager allows to have repetitive text ready to paste in any opened document

A custom CSS (Custom Style Sheet) can be used for the web page instant visualization and the used CSS it can changed at any time via e popup menu.

You can use the CSS we have available for download and you can use also your own you can create.

Can show both text, web and html code in collapsable split views. Shows the text and the auto generated web page as-you-type
Enhanced editor with line numbers Can copy the text, the html and an RTF version with a single click
Smooth web update as-you-type. You will be amazed by it. Variable font size for editor, html view and web view.
Instant change of CSS in use and update of the web page to reflect it. Custom CSS allowed Snippets manager to manage portion of ripetitive text, available to paste in any documents.
Show images online as you insert the link in the text Can copy the html body, the full html page or even the full html page with the CSS embedded. All in 1 click!
Native Intel 64 bit to take full advantage of the power of the latest Macs We develop for Mac from a long time. We use only Apple native technology to create OS X apps because we love the Mac and and we love pure true OS X apps
Sandboxed and Gatekeeper signed respecting all the Apple rules for first class OS X apps Includes a full User Guide in PDF accessible under the Help Menu inside the application.
Uses Resume, Auto Save, Versions, and Full Screen.
If you quit, on relaunch you will be returned to the same state. There's no need to save, the application does it for you. Always.
You can use the Versions feature from OSX to return to an earlier version of your work.
Full screen natively supported.
Optimised for OS X 10.10 Yosemite

Markdown it's a fantastic way to display correctly data both as text and as web pages without the need to manually change a single char, Easy markdown offers the possibility to use markdown language to all.

Want to know more about Easy Markdown?
Read the full Easy Markdown Online User Guide in another window.
For general questions about our product, visit our Tension Software Generic OS X FAQ.
You may also read what's new in each version by going to Easy Markdown Releases.

We are sure you will love Easy Markdown. Money back from Apple if you aren't satisfied with Easy Markdown!

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Easy Markdown

The text view, the web view.

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Easy Markdown

Using references

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Easy Markdown

Html as body only or full page or full page + CSS embedded

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Easy Markdown

Different CSS from a popup applied immediately

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Easy Markdown

Linked images seen as-you-type in the web view

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