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Password Repository is a password manager to manage all your passwords and all the related data in a safe way on macOS and iOS.

It’s document based, allowing you to create unlimited documents with different set of passwords. Any document you create is protected by a 'Master Password' via AES-256 encryption algorithm.

It’s compatible with the similar version for iOS on iTunes and any document created with Password Repository 4 on a Mac, can be transferred via iTunes and used on iOS without any changes

A Password Repository document has a simple layout and is based on a 'Master and Detail' interface, with a list of records on the left and a detail of the selected record on the right.

The master table is customizable as you need

Passwords can be organized in categories with a name and a unique color for better handling of your data.

For any record you can insert at any time:

  • Category
  • Name
  • Url
  • Account Name
  • User ID
  • Password
  • PIN
  • Security question and answer
  • Email
  • Note (a free text area)

All data are encrypted when saved on disk

Retrieving the password you are looking for is easy thanks to search categories and the always available search field that filter content live as-you-type

Push & Pull, a feature more easy to use then to explain.
To access a site simply press the Push & Pull button.
Paste your username (it was automatically copied in the clipboard) then without switching from your browser press the 'Pull' button from the menu (the password is copied in the clipboard) then paste your password in the dedicated field.
That's all, all the data you need using a single click from Password Repository and without any plugin or trick.
Simple and effective!
Resume, Auto Save, Versions, all supported
Password generator inside to create new password in the format you need You own your data and you see where they are. You can manage, copy and move how many documents you like between Mac and other devices.
Data protection of all your data inside the document using AES-256 powerful encryption algorithm. That's important, your valuable data need protection. Import and Export of data in a very customizable way. Can import from CSV (Comma Separated Value) files or TSV (Tab Separated Value) files.
You can select what to import and where to import it and see it before importing.
Export let you select the format and wich fields to export
Fast to open documents thanks to the native implementation we use for the encryption mechanism.
Safe and stable, Password Repository uses all the latest Apple technology to manage your data.
Data Exchange in iTunes between device.
You copy your documents unmodified on your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, ipod Touch) and they work.
You can do it in the reverse direction. Password Repository for macOS can work with documents created on iOS.
Documents are totally interchangeable!
Native Intel 64 bit to take full advantage of the power of the latest Macs We develop for Mac from a long time. We use only Apple native technology to create macOS apps because we love the Mac and and we love pure true macOS apps
Sandboxed and Gatekeeper signed respecting all the Apple rules for first class macOS apps Includes a full User Guide in PDF accessible under the Help Menu inside the application.
Optimized for macOS 10.14 (Mojave).
Works perfectly both in Light Appearance and Dark Appearance mode
  • Document based, you can manage all the set of passwords you want as a true power user, no limits.

  • All data are protected via AES-256 Common Crypto native library

  • You can set Password Repository in the preferences to always open at startup the document you prefer, containing all your main passwords for an immediate access.

  • Fully compatible with older versions

  • It’s fast to open data and is safe and stable because it’s all macOS native since first release in 2005 till this latest one in 2018

  • Categories inside the document have color labels that you can customize to properly organize the passwords inside the document. With categories, browsing your passwords, you see a subdivision of your data 'by color' very easy to manage from the first day of use.

  • Visualization for any record of ‘creation data’, ‘modification data’ and ‘usage’ useful to have the most used record on top of the list (it keeps track of your usage)

  • All the records can be sorted, arranged, filtered and displayed as you like.

  • Fully customization of the master table, the user can visualize only selected columns.

  • Push and Pull to use userId/password on the web or other applications without plug-in or additional software that can introduce complexity and security/compatibility problems. Simply and effective it makes easy to use ID/password also in other applications and not just web browsers. Your ID/Password are available to any application in 2 clicks without compromising the security of your data. The first click in Password Repository can open your URL and copy the ID, the second on a clickable button inside the menu bar (without changing application) copy the password ready for use. Try it and you will love it.

  • Any data can be copied with a single click and you receive a feedback of the copy by a HUD popping up on the screen

  • Data exchange with other apps. You can import from CSV, TSV, CSV-S (also from windows format) and export to CSV, TSV, CSV-S, html, and custom format (where you define elements)

  • Document can be auto locked after a specified time of inactivity in background

  • Password generator inside to create new password in the format you need (multiple formats available).

  • For data security you can’t modify data in the document without switching in edit mode

  • Always available search by category or content or combined

  • Full support of undo adding and removing records and categories.

  • Resume, Auto Save, Versions, all supported.

  • Windows remember size and position after re-launches

  • Includes a full User Guide in PDF

  • Runs full featured on macOS release 10.10 and successive

  • It is optimized for the latest macOS release 10.14 Mohave

  • Works perfectly in Dark Appearance Mode when on macOS 10.14 Mohave

Want to know more about Password Repository?
Read the full Password Repository Online User Guide in another window.
For general questions about our product, visit our Tension Software Generic OS X FAQ.
You may also read what's new in each version by going to Password Repository Releases.

You can get from here the latest release of the app or if you prefer you can get it also from the App Store.

If you are looking for the iOS version for iPhone and iPad LOOK HERE.

You are downloading a secure app digitally signed with an Apple certificate (all our new releases are also Notarized by Apple for your maximum safety)
Password Repository
Rel 4.1 (Dec. 7, 2018) - 8.3 MB
Requires: macOS 10.10 or successive
Password Repository Password Repository
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One click 'Push and Pull' explanation