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Making software and running a company today is, more often then in the past, a matter of technlological choices.
You have to select platforms and technologies where to invest to.
These strategic choices costitute your working philosophy are at the base of 'what you are'
This is what we are.
Apple We started to produce software for the hardware Apple makes, time ago.
Time ago it meant just for the Mac.
Today it means iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and still the Mac.
We truly love Apple products and we are proud to produce software for these wonderful machines.
We produced software for the Mac even when anyone was saying that Apple was dying and we produce software for the Mac today when Apple is at the top of the world.
macOS & iOS Loving the Apple products, doesn't just mean loving the design of the hardware.
As any true Apple user knows the better part of Apple is not in the design of the hardware. The design of the hardware is only part of the equations and all we know that the greatness of Apple has it's root elsewhere.
The beauty of Apple is in the design philosophy that embraces particularly how the software is designed and how it interacts with the user.
The true jewel of Apple is the operative system in the flavors we have today: macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS.
Cocoa At the heart of iOS and MacOS there are some layers.
From the developer point of view the most important is Cocoa that provides the foundations and the API (Application Programming Interfaces) to create the application we make.
Cocoa is an immense collection of smart class that allow to work in a smart and fast way.
Being a Mac and iphone developer and create native applications means working full immersed in Cocoa.
Objective-C Cocoa classes are based on Objective-C and uses the Objective-C runtime.
Objective-C is one of the advantage of Apple.
All the modern code we produce for the Apple platforms is almost in Objective-C and sometime in part in plain C and C++ (The development environment can compiles code mixed in Objective-C, C and C++).
Our experiences in these years is that having code in Objective C is always an advantage from many points of view over the other two languages.
X-Code The IDE to develop for Mac and iPhone and iPad. We love it too and we would like to see it more open (to use it more as example to develop for the web) ... but it's up to Apple
C++ We have many part of code in C++.
We used it a lot in the past. Still sometime the best one for intensive task with a lot of data and math manipulation
C At the root of our skill. All we hard code developers, love it.
We still have a lot of code in C and C syntax is all over our Objective-C code so in some way we still use it every day.
Html5 & CSS3 & JavaScript The technologies the web is converging too.
We use Java Script also inside some of our apps to interact with the WebKit.
Python & Django There are a lot of technologies to create dynamic web sites.
This is the one that better matches with our philosophy of software development.
Free BSD Free BSD is a great OS for servers. It has it's root in common with MacOS and iOS
Incredible stable and with great features as jails for light virtualizations.
Great if you want to trasform a low power consumption hardware box in a first class server
Linux Another option for a great low cost server
Unbeatable from the cost point of view
Nothing is more price competitive than integrating your local physical servers with linux based virtual server around the world
Bash For server (and desktop) scripts nothing is better then the old bash scripting language.
Yes even these days we code in bash when it is the best tool to do the job.
SQL The today standard language to interact with server database.
We use both MySQL and Postgresql
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