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Science & Technology

Power Cost let you calculate the cost of running any electrical device. It is a must have application, useful as example when you are in a shop and you are comparing devices to buy and you can easily read the watt usage for each one from their specifications

SS Track calculates the International Space Station projection position on the earth showing it on a zoomable interactive map. Calculation of the position is very accurate, we use the latest orbital algorithm to calculate it. In addition NASA TV LIVE inside your iPhone or iPod (see the screenshots) !!

Data Manager

Car Manager pro is an app to manage your car. You can manage as many cars as you like using your iPhone or iPad

For any car you have a separate management of all the operations of refueling and maintenance regarding oil, water, tires, wipers, breaks, filters, battery, lights, and others.

For many operations you can set schedules, based on mileage or time (the first expiring or the last) or a specific date and have the app inform you it’s time to perform a determinate operation such as checking water or oil or breaks, based on the current odometer value or time.

The app uses a colored badge to indicate where a schedule is expired and an operation required ,as example checking oil because you didn’t checked it from 5.000 Km (or Miles, according to your preferences and what you set in your schedule) or because you didn’t checked it from 30 days.

Queue Predictor lets you predict, when you are in a queue, when will be your turn.

It is useful in many situations such as in a queue at the post office or similar places serving people using a progressive numeric ticket call.

Queue Predictor allows you to go elsewhere with your ticket number and know when your turn is approaching, to be back in time for your turn (based on a statistical prediction)

Queue Predictor automatically stores data about any place you stay in a queue and when you come back Queue Predictor has stats data about the place and is able to start predict your turn immediately as soon as you input your ticket number, the number currently served and the number of stations serving people.

Password Repository is the iOS app to manage all your passwords and all the related data in a safe way on your iOS device. Password Repository it's a document based (full featured as the desktop counterpart for OS X ) app and allows you to manage an unlimited numbers of documents, any containing how many password records (records + related data) you like.

Math & Calc

iCalcline is a latest generation algebra calculator for the iPhone and iPod touch for any tech or math enthusiast or simply anyone in need of an advanced math tool.
It is the iOS contour part of Calcline for OS X.

Triangle Utility is an application for iPhone and ipod Touch to solve engineering problems via a triangle computation.
It allows you to solve 3 different technical problems using a triangle calculation.
Using the bottom tab bar the user can switch at any moment from one problem to another maintaining the data used in of the 3 different problems.


My Public IP is a utility to let you know through which internet IP the world see you.
This is what is usually called your public IP.
This 'Public IP' some time can be static but more often it is assigned by your provider anytime you connect for a new time.

Date T Calc can calculate future and past dates adding days, hours and minutes to a specified date. It can also calculate date difference between two dates you select.

Counter does one thing and only one thing in the best possible way. It allows to count a discrete number of elements using the help of your iPhone to avoid any error, when having the right result is mandatory and your fingers are not enough.

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