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Data Mining

URL Extractor can be used to extract thousands and thousands of email addresses or other URLs. It can work locally, on the web, with search engines.

Data Extractor allows to extract data contained inside text documents and collect them in an internal organized table with fields and records.
It can parse all the text files you specify and analyze them understanding from text tags what to extract and where to put it.
Data Extractor transform chaotic data to organized one
Al that just in a click.

Data Processing

DB-Text is able to open and manipulate CSV and TSV file as never was possible before
To import any CSV or TSV file is enough to drag and drop (or select via a standard open dialog) the file to import
It has a lot of function and utilities to make your job faster and easier

Data Creator is an advanced data generator that can create tables filled with pseudo-random custom content in just few clicks.
A must have for any power user, developer or webmaster working with dataset or web pages and in need of neutral realistic generated data for prototyping or test purpose.
It let you create realistic condition to test and demo all your work.

Password Creator lets you create random passwords.
It allows to create a single password or a long list , up to 500 000 (half million) of passwords, in a single click, inside an internal table, ready to be saved on disk

To Text Converter is an application to convert files from various formats (PDF, HTML, RTF, RTFD) to standard plain TEXT files
It works with drag and drop of files from the finder to the application window.
Simple and effective.

String Replacer allows to find and replace a list of strings inside text files and folders on your Mac directly or in batch mode.
It allows to operate on multiple files using a multiple string couple replacement list.
It works with just a single click or using drag and drop.

Science & Technology

International Space Station allows to see the position and route of the the International Space Station over an interactive map of the world or in alternate an interactive tridimensional representation of the globe with day and night zones.
Using this application you can see if the International Space station is visible (naked eye) in the sky from your position in the next hours.

Geo WPS allows to track your geographic position using macOS wi-fi geo-tracking and other available hardware inside and connected to your Mac to detect your coordinate in the best precise way via Apple core location.

Open Map brings on the Mac many maps of the open standard map world.
Open Map covers all the world exactly as other well know proprietary formats but with more then 60 map types with different style, graphic and also data, always up to date, available with 1 click with a resolution level ranging from 0 to 28.
A must have for anyone working with maps, from designers to developers, to evaluate map types or to produce PDF map images of various area or other purposes.

Data Manager

NoteList is a multi format notes collector where you can save notes in text or RTF format with images included.
You can even copy and paste website from safari and they will be saved as rtf with images embedded

Product Manager can manage company products from different standpoints.
It can be used for a different typology of product to manage the activities associated to the improvements, distributions and marketing of your products.

Streamline your App Store financial reporting with Store Financial Splitter.
One-click import, automatic split calculation in the 5 invoices, fast and accurate results.

Private Contact is an application to manage on Mac an always encrypted address book to keep your contacts really private and protect your privacy.

Password Repository is a password manager to keep all your passwords and all the related data in a safe way on macOS and iOS.

Math & Calc

Calcline allows to have a powerful algebra solver, with custom size and colors, in small stripe window taking just a small portion of your Mac screen.
It offers an array of functionalities to help you work in a fast and effective way

TS Calc implements numeric resolution of calculation models you can use for any mathematical technical problems.
It is a complete different approach to solve math problems respect to the usual one using a spreadsheets.
Document based. You can create a different documents for any model to solve.

Date Time Calc is an application to calculate future, past dates and time difference between dates on macOS
It is an improvement over the previous version and is more easy and intuitive to use.


Mac MACSpoof is a Mac utility that allows the user to change the MAC address of the network interfaces of your Mac (Ethernet, Wi-Fi and so on) with any custom value.

Dark Mode Switch allows to switch in a fast way from Light Mode appearance to Dark Mode appearance in a click.

My IP provides instant monitoring of your device's public internet IP address

Precise Screenshot is the new generation tool to take screenshots from the screen on your Mac.
It's small, fast and full featured.
It has all you need for a precise and perfect work.

Menu Calendar brings a convenient and easily accessible calendar to your menu bar, no matter which application you are using.

Copy Fast is a simple yet powerful application that lets you instantly copy organized file content to your clipboard with just one click.
Whether you're working in another application or just need to quickly access a file, Copy Fast is always accessible from the right part of your menu bar.

Count accurately with Counter for Mac. Effortless counting with customizable settings and audio feedback.

Multi Counter allows to count a discrete number of elements of different kinds creating multiple customizable counters inside a single window

AutoCrypt, is an encryption/decryption app with a document based approach that can batch process a large quantity of files.
It lets you save in documents all the settings used to encrypt files, including which file to operate on, and reuse it at later time.
It can encrypt decrypt in 1 click

DMG Master is a document based app to create standard Disk Image Archive with just one click.
Disk Image Archive is the universal standard on macOS to distribute your content packed in a single file.
It is recognised by any Mac and can be opened on any Mac without any software.
On any Mac, clicking on a Disk Image Archive, opens and mount the archive as a disk on your desktop

DMG Master facilitate the repetitive task to create Disk Image Archive saving archive creation settings inside documents
This approach allow to save a lot of time in the use of the software if compared with the classic ‘utility’ approach.
To create an updated disk image archive is enough to open a previous saved DMG Master document and click 'Make Disk Image' and the application creates the archive using the sources, destination, name and setting pre-saved inside the document.

CryptoEdit is an absolutely simple, powerful, and secure application to create and edit documents that are encrypted by default.
The ideal solution for managing reserved personal documents.
It can handle TEXT, RTF, and RTFD (RTF with images) files.

Sys Admin

Mac Shutdown is the modern macOS application to shutdown the Mac when unattended under different conditions.

Mac Restart is the modern macOS application to restart the Mac when unattended under different conditions.

Cronette it's a software to specify tasks to be launched unattended by the Mac.
It can be used on unattended Mac Servers or also on regular Mac workstations for tasks to execute during the night or for recurring tasks to be performed on a regular basis.


Invoices is a native Mac only application to create and manage commercial invoices aimed at small business.

Orders is an application to archive your customer sales orders.
It can process orders coming in tabular or form format.

AutoMailer allows to prepare and send personalized mass emails campaigns to multiple unlimited addresses, in text or web format, each merged with data from an internal database.
It can send using standard BSDM/Linux mail server or gMail.
It's simply and effective and allows you to make a complex job in an easy way.


Email Obfuscator creates email links using ‘obfuscated’ code ready to be used in your html web pages.
It is a tool useful for anyone creating and editing web pages.

Data Merge can generate, starting from a data table and a group of prototype paths and text forms, a series of files on disk where the content of the files and even the final paths is created combining the FIELDS value inside the data table with the prototype text and paths

Product Builder allows to create packages ready to be transmitted using the Application Loader (by Apple and included with the Developer tools) to the Mac App Store.
It is an indispensable tool for any App Store developer that want to submit application to the store using an alternate method to internal XCode sending mechanism.

Easy Markdown lets you create Web pages just writing plain text with Markdown syntax.
It's simply and powerful.
We are sure you will love it.

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